General Bearings

Thermoplastic Housing
Made by polybutylene(PBT) high-grade
glass-filled thermoplastic polyester, NBR bearings housing are
not free of maintenance but also excellent the stiffness and
dimensional stability in heavy duty mechanicals, the smooth
surface to the high standard food processing industries, NBR
thermoplastic housings are much more hygienic than the rough
surface cast iron housings carrying harbor dirt, mold and bacteria

No Plastic or Coating
Without coating/plating process, the solid PBT prevent NBR housings from scratching, chipping or peeling, compare to the process in coated or plated cast iron housings.
Cover type & color:open & close different types with standard black or white cover for optional choices.

A Wide Variety of Application
The corrosion-resistant merits enable NBR housing widely be adopted and applied in many industries such as food processing, canning, bottling, chemical and pharmaceutical processing and many others.
Housings include stainless steel sleeves with bolts fixed, stainless steel grease nipple.

Automotive Bearings
Transmission Auxiliary